B1. Unstable Buildings

A portion of the slate-covered roof of this stone house has collapsed into ruins—but the rest of the roof seems to be intact.

B2. Public Building

This building’s rotting timbers still bear flecks of colorful paint, a sign that it must have looked grand in its heyday. Now it is little more than a collapsing ruin.

B3. Ruined Store

This large timber-and-stone structure stands at the edge of the steep southern slope, overlooking the sea far below. Large windows facing the village’s main thoroughfare suggest a shop in at least one portion of the building, but the windows have been hastily boarded over. Several corpses lay near the outer walls of the building, obviously a source of interest for the circling turkey vultures above.

Garrosh notes that these bodies are unnatural, as the buzzards have not yet landed to feed. As he approaches to search them, they raise silently, their lower jaws missing, and a large greenish purple tongue hangs wetly from their heads. The “zombies” attack, they move much quicker than regular zombies, and the tongue lashes out at anyone within reach. When the tongue hits, it drains blood and strength from the victim. Also, unlike most undead, these zombies are vulnerable to critical hits.

B4. Watchtower Barracks

The reinforced windows, solid stone construction, and connection to a watchtower mark this building as a military structure of some kind.

B5. Witchlight Watchtower

This fifty-foot-tall circular watchtower stands precariously on the edge of a steep slope overlooking the sea. The tower itself seems to be made of stone, yet no seams or individual blocks are apparent; it’s as if the entire tower were formed from one block of stone. An enclosed octagonal platform protrudes from the tower roof.

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